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Bio Medical Center 


Bio Medical Center (Hoxsey Clinic), Tijuana, Mexico 

Clinic Hours:
8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. PST

Location information:

3170 General Ferreira Ave,

Colonia Madero Sur
Tijuana, B.C. Mexico  22180. 


Mailing Address:
PO Box 433654 San Ysidro,

CALIFORNIA  USA  92143-3654   


Contact Details:
US Ph. (619) 704-8442
Ph: 011 52 664 684-9011
Fax: 011 52 664 684-9744
E-mail: biomedicalcenter@prodigy.net.mx


As one of the first alternative cancer facilities in Mexico, this clinic has provided the Hoxsey therapy since 1963. Mildred Nelson, who was Harry Hoxsey's chief nurse at the Hoxsey Clinic in Dallas until he left clinical practice, carried on the therapy in Mexico until her death in 1999. Her sister now runs the clinic, that has been monitored since 2000 by local health department officials. It is not as expensive as many therapies—see the Information Pack in a PDF download below, for details about the costs involved with this therapy.

In addition to the Hoxsey treatment, comprised of a liquid elixir containing a mixture of herbs and several topical salves, the clinic may also use other supplements, diet, nutrition, and chelation therapy. They treat most types of malignancies, but it is said to be especially effective with skin cancer (including melanoma), breast cancer, and has been successful with some recurrent cancers and even with patients who've had radiation and/or chemotherapy. Often people will combine the Hoxsey treatment with other natural approaches, like laetrile (B17 therapy).

This is the clinic that I first attended in 1982, having first heard about it from travellers visiting Adelaide from California, USA. The clinic is not a hospital (no beds) but is run like a hospital out-patients department, consequently patients must be able to travel. Patients plan to arrive early each day (before 9.00am) and after being processed, diagnosed, treated and supplied with specific supplements are generally sent home to treat themselves the same day. Because of the distance I travelled from Australia to attend, I was supplied with enough supplements to take me through twelve months, after which I was expected to return for further tests and new supplies. During the twelve months I was expected to have regular blood tests locally and fax the results to the Clinic for monitoring purposes.

Depending on the type of cancer, some patients are asked to return for daily external treatments for a period of about ten days, until a reaction to the treatment is observed after which these patients are free to return home. Patients usually stay at a motel on the US side of the border and travel daily across the border to the clinic using a dedicated bus shuttle service.

I am particularly grateful for the assistance, care and treatment that Mildred and other members of the Bio Medical team provided on every occasion I visited over some five years of being under their thorough counsel and care.

Below, is a downloadable PDF file of a 1983 magazine article. This outlines the reason why the clinic is located in Mexico and also provides details of the individual ingredients in the tonic prescribed by the clinic.

For those who wish to follow their curiosity further, search for a book written by Harry M. Hoxsey, N.D., published by Milestone Books, Inc. New York in 1956, titled "You Don't Have to Die".





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pdf-logo Bio Medical Center Information Pack
Download: Bio Medical Information

pdf-logo Map: of San Diego/US Border Area. The red pointer marks the border town of San Ysidro.

Map Download:

pdf-logo Map: Zooming in on San Ysidro and in the top left W San Ysidro Blvd, the location of the Best Western-Americana Inn, in relation to the Border Crossing and the 'Loop'. The Best Western runs a shuttle bus service to the Bio Medical Center. Reserve your seat at reception.

Map Download:

pdf-logo Map: Zooming in on General Ferreira Ave., Tijuana. The red pointer marks the approximate location of the Bio Medical Center, in relation to the Border Crossing and the 'Loop'. See driving directions in the information pack.

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If you are flying on international/commercial flights the closest airport is the San Diego International Airport. From this point there are three options. The first is to take a taxi service all the way down Freeway 5 directly to San Ysidro. The second is to hire a car, either at LAX airport (about 230km. drive) or San Diego (about 50km drive), and drive yourself down the same freeway. If you are mobile, have the time and a little sense of adventure, and are up for it, then you may opt for a third option and try out the local public transport.


Look to take the airport bus - Route 992 to downdown San Diego ($2.25) and request a drop off at American Plaza or the Civic Center where you can make a transfer to the Blue Line Trolley to San Ysidro. This is part of the San Diego light rail system served by bright red, electric powered, tram-like trains or trolleys, known as SanDiego's "moving land mark", and a fun way to get around.


Blue Line Light Rail 

These trolleys run every 15 minutes, 7 days a week; every 30 minutes late night and weekends, and every 7 minutes during weekday rush hour periods. The beauty of using this service is that a one way adult fare is US$2.50  ($1.25 as a senior). But be sure you have the right change for the vending machine.

One-Way Trolley Tickets, available for $2.50 from ticket vending machines, are good for travel for two hours from the time of purchase on any Metro Transit System (MTS) Trolley. Transfers between Trolleys are allowed to complete your one-way trip. Transfers between trolley and bus and Round trips are not allowed with a one-way ticket. Purchase your ticket before boarding the Trolley from the ticket vending machines at each station. For more information on this service go to... http://www.sdmts.com/Trolley/Trolley.asp
Check out this PDF trolley map...
Download: SDMTS Trolley Map

After about an hour's ride of approximately 30 kms. (19 miles), you may decide to leave the train at...
Beyer Blvd Station (75003) which may not be served by taxis, but may perhaps be served by a pre-arranged courtesy shuttle from the Best Western Americana Inn about 1km. away by phoning 1800 553 3933. 

On the other hand you may decide, and the Best Western may suggest that you just go on to the next and final station... 
San Ysidro Terminal (75000) on the border. A short taxi ride of about 4-5kms. from this station will take you to the Best Western Americana Inn at 815 W San Ysidro Blvd. 

Best Western Americana Inn San Ysidro
Best Western Americana Inn - San Ysidro


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