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Conquering Constipation


Here is a seven-point, natural, do-it-yourself program that will solve constipation problems forever. 


1.                   Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Eat several pieces of any available raw fruit and a big bowl of fresh green vegetable salad every day. Chew all your food well. 

2.                 Avoid constipating foods: meat, white bread, processed cereals, refined carbohydrates such as sugar, cakes, candies, ice cream etc. Eat natural foods and generally avoid commercially marketed and manipulated (processed and enriched) products.  

3.                 Eat six to ten soaked prunes with your breakfast. A bowl of yoghurt with half a dozen prunes, two tablespoons of wheat germ, and one tablespoon of bran is a royal dish to start the day. Do not cook prunes, just wash them well, put them in a cup of warm water and soak them overnight. Be sure to drink the water in which the prunes were soaked. 

4.                 Supplement your diet with brewer’s yeast, whey powder, honey, and yoghurt – all natural laxatives. 

5.                 Exercise! Walk, swim, ride, dance, play golf – anything at all, but exercise! Lack of sufficient exercise – physical inactivity – is one of the main causes of constipation. Plain walking is still one of the best forms of exercise. Start with an hour’s walking every day. 

6.                 Consume plenty of liquids: filtered water, juice (only unsweetened), broth, soups, - six to eight glasses a day. A minimum daily intake of 2 litres could be your greatest weapon in permanently rectifying this disorder! 

7.                 Never suppress nature’s call Try immediately upon rising and again before retiring to establish a habit of bowel movements. Be careful not to overstrain – just relax and wait, if needed up to ten to fifteen minutes. This will eventually result in a well-established routine. 


By following this program conscientiously, you can throw away all laxatives. (Just following directions No.5 and No.6 should go a long way to solving any problem in this area.) You will never need laxatives again, unless you are already a pathological case with a completely atrophied and degenerated eliminative system. Then you will need a prolonged program of fasting, enemas, special diets, exercises, and other biological treatments under the careful supervision of an understanding practitioner.  


The most obstinate types of constipation however can be overcome if proper biological treatments, fortified with patience and steadfastness, are applied. 



According to Natural Practitioners "Death begins in the Colon". They also claim that looking younger and feeling healthier has a lot to do with the state of the colon. Western dietary habits on the other hand have played a huge part in turning us into the unhealthiest and sickest nations in the world, while living in the midst of untold abundance and prosperity. To a greater or lesser degree we have only ourselves to blame, because we have listened to the propaganda and followed the marketing spin used in promoting commercially processed food products that take wholesome nourishing food, turn it into empty waste, bottle it, can it, or package it, and rob an unsuspecting public by charging them for it. Following dietary regimes promoted by manufacturers around the world has turned the colon of most westerners into a sewer loaded with accumulated waste gained from years of eating empty and even downright poisonous food. 


Getting back on a road to optimum health will mean getting back to nature as much as possible in the way you eat. It may also involve a program of colon cleansing to rid yourself of years of built-up and accumulated waste. To regain and then continue maintaining a healthy bowel, a do-it-yourself enema program may not only be a great idea, but a necessity under the threat of a degenerative disease like cancer (There is at least one cancer therapy built almost entirely around an enema program). I read of one practitioner who stated that he considered his enema equipment more important than his tooth brush, whether at home or on the road, and I am inclined to agree.

Click below for a PDF file download providing enema directions that you can undertake yourself at home. 


pdf logo Download: Enema Directions